Bridal Showers-match The Game To The Crowd

Bridal Shower

You know it’s inevitable—bridal showers have gifts, food, and of course, games. For the most memorable and enjoyable occasion, match the game to the crowd. You’ll get the best participation—and a lot of laughs.

Sometimes the guest list will determine what kind of game to choose.

For the long-time friends

When the guest list is mostly long-time friends of the bride-to-be who also know each other well, choose a game that encourages reminiscing or awards in-depth knowledge.

Game: Who knows the bride best?

Prior to the shower, the bride-to-be fills out a questionnaire of twenty questions, some easy, some difficult. For example: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? What is your favorite place to eat lunch? Give the same questions to each guest and have them fill out what they think her answers are. The one with the most correct, wins!

For wedding party participants who don’t know each other well

These more introductory gatherings generally go over better when embarrassing moments are avoided. Choose safer games that allow the participants to get to know each other. This will help make everyone more comfortable on the wedding day.

Game: Who am I?

Ahead of time, write down the names of famous people on adhesive name tags. As each guest arrives, stick a tag to their back without them seeing it. Guests find out who they are by asking others yes or no questions.

For professional colleagues

Even though the bride might be blushing on her wedding day, you don’t want her to do so at an event involving work associates. Choose a game that challenges everyone to show their “smarts.”

Game: Purse scavenger hunt

Make a list beforehand of common and uncommon things that can be found in a woman's purse. Assign each item a point value (uncommon items should have a higher point value). Divide the group into teams of two or three, and have them grab their bags. The team who racks up the most points wins.

For family

Here’s the group who will want to celebrate all the bride-to-be’s milestones—birth, baptism, bat mitzvah, graduation. Pick a game that highlights the family’s many happy memories.

Game: Wise Ones

After everyone has arrived, ask each person to introduce themselves and offer a nugget of advice on how to have a happy marriage. Assign someone to record the tips, and compile it later as a gift for the bride.

Game: Guess Who?

Ask everyone to bring wedding snapshots of themselves or earlier generations, putting their name on the back for identification. Then, everyone will try to guess who brought which photo and who is in the photo.

For college buddies

Time to bring out the stories you’ll never repeat in front of the groom! Guests at these gatherings will want to let their hair down a little and have some good-natured fun.

Game: Bridal roast

Guests take turns telling outrageous stories about the guest of honor, they tell about how they first met her, or tell about the most fun they ever had together.

For religious groups

These more wholesome get-togethers are woven into the fabric of most churches and synagogues. It’s the time for your spiritual family to offer their special congratulations. A game that capitalizes on the group’s fellowship would be appropriate.

Game: Happy Wishes

On index cards, have the guests write a happy thought or useful piece of advice. Have them share these nuggets of wisdom while also saying on what occasion to remember the words. Examples might be wedding night, first anniversary, first child, first fight, first house.

Sometimes the bride-to-be’s affinities suggest the tone of the party.

For an artistic crowd

If the bride-to-be has a lot of artistic or crafts-oriented friends, get them on their feet and working with their hands for your party game.

Game: Wedding Dress

At the party, divide the guests into two or more groups of 3-5 people. Each group must choose a model for their wedding dress (mothers of the bride and/or groom work wonderfully). The goal is for each group to design and fashion a "wedding dress" out of toilet paper. Once the groups are finished, the bride picks the winner. Great photo opportunities!

For a more cerebral affair

Word games or memory games are fun when the bride-to-be is Summa Cum Laude from Harvard or practices medicine when she’s not planning a wedding.

Game: Memory Game

Place fifteen to twenty small wedding related items on a tray and cover them with a lace napkin. Put the tray in the center of your guests and uncover for two minutes. Cover the tray again and ask the guests to write down as many of the items as they can remember. The person who remembers the most, wins a prize.

Game: Observation.

This is best about 30 minutes into the party. Have everyone sit in a designated area and hand them a piece of paper and pen. Then ask the bride-to-be to leave the room. Now have each guest describe on paper everything they can remember about what the bride is wearing. Give them 5 minutes, and then invited the bride back in. The winner is the person that remembered the most.

For sports lovers

If you’re more likely to get the bride-to-be hockey tickets than wine goblets as a gift, choose a game that allows for a rip-roaring good time.

Game: Toilet Paper and Stick

Divide the guests into teams with all but one member holding a toilet paper roll between her legs. The last member places a broomstick or pole between her legs. The goal of the game is for each member to walk (more like waddle) to their team's "pole" and place the toilet roll onto the pole (without using any hands). The first team to place all rolls onto its respective team's pole wins.

For already-marrieds, or those with small kids

Let the new moms and newlyweds coo about their situations when the party guests are mostly starting their own families.

Game: Mom's Advice

Have each guest tell the best and worst advice they received from their mother or grandmother. Award a prize to the person who gives the best advice and a booby prize to the worst advice received.

For sophisticates

Elegant party games that remind one of fine dining or haute couture will make a splash with this kind of group.

Game: The Spice Game

Get as many spices together as you can and place them in unmarked, but numbered jars. Pass each one around the room and have each guest write down what she thinks it is according to the smell. The one with the most correct wins the collection of spices.

Game like the above will be sure to make your bridal shower memorable. Don’t forget to provide the appropriate bridal shower favors as well. And, take lots of pictures!

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Beautiful Wedding on a Budget


Few people realize that having a beautiful wedding does not require spending their entire savings.

If you're planning a wedding, learning where to cut costs and how to budget will leave you with money to spare.

"There are many ways to have the wedding of your dreams without the nightmare of huge bills," said Anna Griffin, wedding industry expert and designer of the Wedding Studio line of wedding products. "You just have to be resourceful."

Here are some tips from Griffin on how to create a designer wedding on a budget.

* For something old, wear a vintage wedding dress. You can save hundreds on a wedding gown by shopping in consignment or vintage shops, in newspaper classifieds and on the Internet. You also can update your mother's, grandmother's or aunt's wedding dress with a new neckline or hemline, beading or lace.

* Print your own invitations. There are many wedding accessories that can be made instead of bought - the veil, the centerpieces and even the invitations. Do-it-yourself kits are available to help you create designer looks without the designer price tags.

The Wedding Studio, for example, is an entire line of paper-related wedding accessories - from invitations to menu cards to guest books and photo albums - designed for brides who want original and elegant paper goods. The invitation kit comes in four styles in three color options and includes envelopes, reply cards and printing instructions.

* Use an antique or classic car instead of a limousine. Contact a local antique or classic car club to rent a luxury vehicle, such as a 1939 Rolls-Royce or a 1952 Cadillac DeVille. Most of the owners will be thrilled to loan out their cars and you'll have more than enough room for the married couple at a much lower price. And, whereas a limousine is rented for a couple of hours, you have the benefit of keeping the antique vehicle for 24 hours or longer.

* Keep the flowers simple. Instead of hiring a florist, contact a floral-design school and hire students to provide you with flower arrangements. You also can create your own flower arrangements. Buy one color of flower in bulk. It creates a visual impact while saving money. Contact a wholesale florist; many will sell flowers directly to the consumer.

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Bridal Shower Games Ideas

So, your marriage is on the cards? It is time for a Bridal Shower Party! At the bridal shower party, family and friends will give gifts and lots of blessings for you.

The origin of the bridal shower is quite interesting and can be traced back to Holland. It is an old story which states that a Dutch girl fell in love with a miller who was very poor. When she told her father, he forbade their marriage. So the young lady decided to marry the miller and stayed with him, despite his poverty. As the neighbors heard about the news of them nearly starving, they came with help. They showered gifts and money on the newly married couple. From the money and gifts showered to the couple, they set up a good home and a good life for themselves. Since then, this tradition of bridal showers has been in practice. Though, today the celebrations of bridal shower are grand and all full of gaiety.

No bridal shower celebration is complete without bridal shower games. These games will add life to your party and keep the guests entertained. 

Bridal shower games really get the party going. You can even be creative while setting the games for your bridal shower party. In fact the more bridal shower games you play the better. With today’s tradition of inviting friends, work colleagues and family members to a bridal shower, games can be great way to break the ice for people who don’t know each other.

Who Am I Bridal Shower Game
The game “Who Am I” adds smiles and vitality to the whole party with the added benefit of being a great first icebreaker. 

To play this game, all you have to do is to prepare some index cards. On each card write a name of a famous personality. As soon as the guests arrive, attach a card to everyone’s back. Attach them in such a way that the guest is not able to see it, while the others can. Then start the real test. The guests have to ask each other for the clues, so that that they can know the name attached to their back. The first person to identify the correct name is the winner.

The Wedding Alphabet Game
The Wedding Alphabet Game is really fun. The game involves a combination of wit and intelligence. The game is simple; the host initiates the game by describing a wedding item, ritual or tradition starting from the letter ‘A’. They will include in their sentence the item or the culture starting from ‘A’. The next guest adds another item or anything after that sentence starting from ‘B’. This game continues as the sentences keep on building. If a person is unable to add an item of the letter they get, they drop out. The guest who stays longest wins the game.

Caught In the Middle Game
The bridal shower game “Caught in the Middle” promises to bring loads of laughter and activity to the party. The game is quite simple. Everybody is made to sit in a circle, then a bag is provided to one guest. As the music plays on, the guest has to pass it over to the other guest. This passing goes on till the music continues. As soon as the music stops, the one with the bag in their hand gets caught in the middle. As a penalty, they are asked to perform a dance, an imitation, a mono act or anything. This bridal shower game adds excitement to the party. It also brings out the latent talent of every guest that gets caught in the middle.

Charades is widely known and played all over the world. This game can be played anywhere and everywhere. The game involves intelligence and recognition power. There are two teams made out of the guests. One member of each team has to perform a mono act on the name of the actor or a movie given secretly to him. The guest only has to perform and not speak. The name of the character or the movie has to be guessed by his team. Within a time frame, if any team member guesses the correct name, his team gets a point. In the end the team with maximum points is declared as a winner. 

These are just a few ideas for bridal shower games to help create a great mood for the bridal shower party. They can add excitement and joy to the whole party and are a good way to get everyone involved, as there will no doubt be guests who don’t know each other. So, get your party started with lots of bridal shower games.

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